The 1970s were the golden years of live music in Fairfax, and there was a vibrant nightclub scene. Today, it's mostly known as the gateway to West Marin and a mountain biking and hiking hub. Nonetheless, if you're in the mood for some rock and roll, you can always check out what bands are playing tonight in Fairfax. And you can always catch an original show, too!

Mac's at 19 Broadway

A long-running bar with live music and open-mic nights, Mac's at 19 Broadway is a popular place to catch a show. There's a casual vibe here and you can grab a drink on the patio. Local musicians also play on the regular. Located near Fairfax Center, Mac's is a convenient spot for music lovers in the area. The venue offers a variety of entertainment from jazz to rock.

Whether you want to catch a local band or a world-class acoustic act, you're sure to find a show that will satisfy your musical tastes. The bar also offers a carefully curated craft beer and wine list. Live music at Mac's has been a staple for this restaurant in Fairfax for many years. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of live music, including jazz, classical, and local rock bands.

Before the 2010 earthquake, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway Fairfax CA was an integral part of the local music scene. Live performances were held nightly, attracting a local rock band and aristocrats alike. When the town became gentrified, however, Mac's at 19 Broadway Fairfax CA had a difficult time keeping its rock fans. The music and beer selection at Mac's at Nineteen Broadway has been carefully chosen to reflect its eclectic musical taste.

With a Prohibition-style cocktail menu and live lounge music on Monday nights, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway fills a niche in the Fairfax nightlife. A lively lineup of musicians plays nearly every night. Blues jam Mondays and Prohibition-style concerts are regularly hosted. If you're a pro at the bar, it's probably the place to go for a night out.

There's a private room for parties, complete with couches and overstuffed chairs. Cocktails are $12-$14 and change often to reflect current culinary trends. Drinks are generally priced between $12 and $14, while craft cocktails cost up to twenty-four dollars. Try the Lord Fairfax cocktail, named after aristocratic Virginian Lord Charles Snowden Fairfax. This drink combines bourbon, amaro, absinthe, and gin.

Peri's Bar

Peri's Bar in Fairfax, California, features live music on Sunday nights. The bar offers open-mike nights and a cozy, casual atmosphere. The Blue Note Café is a longtime live music standby. It offers a patio and a friendly, casual atmosphere. Acoustic guitar players can play on the patio. The Blue Note also offers open-mike nights. You can catch local musicians at open-mic night on Thursdays.

You can also catch a show by Well Known Strangers at Peri's Saloon, an outdoor venue in Fairfax. The show is COVID-compliant and free for patrons. The bar also features pool tables and plenty of space to dance the night away. It has an eclectic crowd and a good community atmosphere. It's a great spot to catch up with friends or just chill with live music.

Mac's at 19 Broadway in Fairfax CA has a long tradition. Live music is performed almost every night, and there's a weekly open mic night. It's a casual neighborhood bar with patio seating. It's the perfect place to grab a drink and hang out with friends. You can listen to classical music or enjoy local rock bands. If you're a fan of jazz and classical music, you can also enjoy the atmosphere at Mac's.