Bisexual escorts

What percentage of escorts are bisexual? It may seem like an odd question, but when escorting is your profession, sexuality becomes akin to a qualification. Just as an illustrator who can use multiple image programmes or a contractor with a heavy vehicle’s licence can accept more jobs, an escort happy to work with men AND women stands to increase their earning potential.

Of course, there’s a difference between actually being bisexual – someone who is sincerely attracted to multiple sexes – and simply being versatile in your sexual behaviour. The latter, known in sex work as ‘going gay for pay’, involves men and women whose personal preference is for members of the opposite sex providing sexual relief (and even fake sexual attraction) to members of the same sex for financial gain. In the modern world, it’s worth appreciating that this often works the other way around. In fact, given the gender disparity in terms of traditional ‘Johns’ who hire escorts, it’s common for gay male escorts to also see female clients, given that the latter are rarely numerous enough to keep straight male escorts in work.

An escort’s personal sexual orientation is often kept from clients, with the escort adopting a ‘persona’ which best serves their work. This is famously depicted in the book ‘Secret Diary of a London Call Girl’ and the television adaptation starring Billie Piper, in which Piper’s character ‘Belle’ fakes enthusiasm with another female escort while the client is present but falls into disinterested ‘shop talk’ when he’s absent.

Escort clients may prefer that an escort has a sincere interest in them as a sexual prospect, but the difference is largely hypothetical, and non-bisexual escorts report that sleeping with a client of their preferred gender is rarely discernible from sleeping with a client of another gender. This is initially surprising to many, but while mainstream sexuality tends to imply sexual disgust for non-preferred genders, escorts’ attitudes are less extreme, and it’s easy for escorts to find sexual congress enjoyable and rewarding even in partners they wouldn’t choose in their everyday life – after all, this can be the case in many different ways outside of gender, all of which are generally treated as part of an escort’s role.

What is very surprising is just how popular escort services are becoming. Even more so that single woman are visiting bisexual escorts on a very regular basis. Traditionally its thought that only males visit an escort, but this is far from the truth.

So, if ‘gay for pay’ escorts are happy to sleep with the same gender (and vice versa for ‘straight for pay’ escorts) but don’t identify as bisexual, it’s no surprise to learn that the rate of bisexuality in escorts is roughly the same as in the general populace. This is with the caveat that, owing to the more extensive sexual experience and more examined attitude to sex and bodily autonomy that often come with sex work, escorts are more likely to have a clear, stated idea of their sexual preferences than the average person, meaning that while an escort is as likely to be bisexual as anyone else, there IS a slight difference in terms of how many escorts are comfortable self-applying the label versus non-escorts who haven’t had the same breadth of experience or cause for self-examination.